Progressive Web App

Progressive Web App

The new way of understanding Apps

What is a Progressive Web App?

Progressive Web Apps, are experiences that combine the best of the web and the best of the apps. They are available to users from the very first visit in a browser tab and do not require installation. They also increase their functionality as they are used. PWA load fast as a full-screen and first-level experience, even with weak network connection, be able to send push notifications, has an icon on the home screen...

PWA are apps that ...

Increase their functionality

Progressive (progressives)

... Increase their functionality, conform to the capabilities of the device on which they run, becoming more and more powerful as they are used.

Are built using web development standards

Web (web)

... Are built using web development standards, like HTML, CSS, javaScript and a new generation of javaScript APIs

Have all the most remarkable Apps features

App (app)

... Have all the most remarkable Apps features as: can be installed on mobile devices, run offline, have apps look and feel, push notifications, etc.

What advantages does a Progressive Web App have?

  • Installation from the web browser

    They are installed directly from the web browser without taking up much space on your device.

  • You do not depend on the marketplaces

    Do not depend on the (Apple or Google) marketplaces. You will save the wait for review and publication of the app.

  • PWA 4 times faster than any web

    PWA can run offline (without internet connection) and they are 4 times faster than any web

  • They are responsives

    They are full responsives adapting to any screen of any device: computer, tablet or mobile

  • With push notifications

    PWA can use native features such as push notifications (soon also available on Apple's iOS).

  • They affect SEO positioning

    They affect SEO positioning because they appear in search engines like Google improving the visibility of the brand on the internet.

  • A mobile marketing solution

    All-in-one mobile marketing solution since you can create loyalty systems to retain your customers, communicate with them, make bookings from your mobile, facilitate purchases...

How to install a Progressive Web App?

How to install PWA in iOS Safari browser

Progressive Web Apps can be installed instantaneously on the home screens of mobile devices, without visiting the marketplaces (Apple Store y Google Play) :

1. Open the PWA in device browser. The URL will always be:
app name + (

2. Push button 'Add to home screen' when the pop-up window (modal dialog) appears.

3. Search the icon on the mobile and open the app.

How to install PWA in Android Chrome browser

In summary ...

... A Progresive Web App uses the latest technologies available in browsers to offer a complete mobile experience almost identical to a native application.

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