What is Upplication ?

Upplication is the easier online app creator with no coding required as a key to help small and medium business creating a new communication channel that provides solutions, ideas and tools to achieve what we truly believe is important: building customer loyalty, increase sales, and stand out from the competitors.

Our Bio Timeline

  • We launch Upplication

    In October 2013

    We launch Upplication for all kind of small business. Anyone can make his own app easily without programming knowledge.

  • First round of investments

    In January 2014

    We closed our first round of investments by European Business Angels (investors), with 277.000€. This investment is what helped us internationalize ourselves , leading us to Latinoamerica.

  • Wayra logo

    In May 2014

    We were selected from a pot of 660 startups from all over Spain by Wayra (Telefónica) to his Startups Raising Program.

  • Vodafone logo

    In October 2014

    We have reached a trade integration agreement with Vodafone completing its plan of supporting and assisting SMEs grow.

  • International growthl

    In May 2015

    We already had clients in 75 different countries , reaching one of our goals: International growthl.

  • Second round of investments

    In November 2015

    We closed our second round of investments with 1.1 million euros ; mostly led by Corporation Global , - who come form a Spanish origin - with Business Angels).

  • Telefónica logo

    In December 2015

    We have reached a trade integration agreement with Telefonica Spain , in which we will keep receiving support from, teaching us their knowledge and experience.

  • International growthl

    In June 2016

    We reached and help 30.000 users in 78 countries around the world, and we are still growing!

  • Mobusi logo

    In March 2017

    Mobusi by Fibonad acquires Upplication, in this way, both companies reinforcing their commitment for the digital business through mobile devices and through web pages, SMS and App.

  • Mexico flag

    In April 2017

    We landed officially in México, in our continued effort with our internationalization strategy. We are committed in a country where apps have become an essential engine of a new kind of economy able to create employment.

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