Meet Our Team

Jose LuisVega de Seoane Barona

Co-founder & CEO

VíctorRodado Frutos

Co-founder & CMO

JavierArnáiz González


BelénFernández Pérez

Customer & Support

Meet Our Departments

Dept. of Support

Our main objective is to make our costumers happy. Every day, we talk to hundreds of clients from more than 65 countries. We are very approachable and we always have a smile on our faces. We love to help, so that you have a pleasant and beneficial experience.

Belén is calling with his best smile
Salesman working hard

Dept. of Marketing

Our goal is to bring this project to every corner in the world. Our every day life is dedicated to data and analysis. Always thinking of how to sell more in less time. Every time we get a new client, we blow a horn in the office to celebrate.

Dept. of Develop

Cordova, AngularJS, Java, CSS, UX…. We love technology and we’re a little obsessed with it. We work in a flexible and easy way and we are always changing the way in which SMEs in the world create their mobile application. We learn something new every day.

All the freak ones!


If you require more information or are interested in any of our services, we want to hear from you!

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  • Customer service
  • +34 917 958 203
  • [email protected]
  • Mo-Th 10-18h & Fr 9-15h / Summer: Mo-Fr 8-15h

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